16th Birthday

In another world,
She would still be alive.
And today we’d be celebrating her 16th birthday,
But only in that awkward and sad way that one can celebrate with someone who’s dying,
And not conscious enough to participate.
We’d be celebrating at her, near her, forced and awkward, though perhaps actually less so than you may expect.
Because we were always good at not letting it get to us.
We would keep at it, and carry on.
But she’d still be suffering, and we’d still be sad.
It is better this way.
But I wish that it wasn’t.

Happy Birthday Rebecca

One thought on “16th Birthday

  1. “It’s better this way. But I wish it wasn’t” may be one of the most poignant lines about loss I’ve ever read. You continue to inspire through your grief. I never met Rebecca, but I feel like I miss her, too.

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