:2060 AD:

Decades of verbal exchanges with household devices, like millions of hours of speech therapy, has conditioned the populous into the pithy, clipped, deconstructed lexicon below the threshold of abstraction at which silicon logic loses coherence…

Now well trained, the population mutually interfaces in anti-poetry, ensuring the surveillance state and interested adversaries alike ease of autonomous access to the surface-level turbulence and even deeper sociological swells carried in or by the zeitgeist.

Back when it was the purile, semi-convenient playfulness of “Hello Google” and “Hey Alexa”, to awaken the stupid logic of an “if this, then that” consciousness they told us would learn to better understand; they failed to mention how much we would learn to speak a language stripped of humanity, in pursuit of an ever distant but faintly visible future when humanity would be accessible to the machines; now it seems no longer necessary.

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